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"Nothing will work unless you do."
-Maya Angelou,
American Poet

Goal, Obstacle, Tactic, Expectation
by Abigail Graham

It is a different kind of problem solving
No adding or measuring
Projecting to become louder
Empty spaces getting filled
Pantomiming materials
Mending wounds to soul
Empty spaces getting fuller
A different field than mathematics
Expressionism is served

Crystal clear
A glowing red orb travels on stage
Intellectual understandings -
are a different type of problem solving?

Our Performing energies sway.

It’s not easy to be sensitive with words
There is only so much the human body can express
But then there is language
Language allows us access
To an infinite amount of expressions

There are spaces on stage
As there are spaces on page
To create one needs free spaces
To create one needs to understand relationships

Language unlike math is a craft
Sensitivity is half the battle
The door is supposed to be open
To those who possess cultural 
Understanding is key.

Shattering Glass Ceilings
by Abigail Graham

Shattering glass ceilings.
Obama said that evil must be
Pursued and must be defeated.
He rarely simplified issues
Rose past 15 minutes
Of fame! His claim being “We are
Stronger together than we are on our own.”
Yes, that is my President.
Numbers in hundreds of millions, America.
Executing Unity.

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